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Cedric, nice work!


Keep it up!




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Subject: [cntt-gov] New CNTT-API compliance containers in Functest




We just released the first CNTT API compliance containers from OPNFV Functest and the associated tooling to quickly setup plug-and-play Continuous Integration toolchains everywhere (Xtesting CI).

The 8 GNU/Linux commands (a few minutes) to deploy the full CI/CD toolchain are available on the wiki


Our gating is already successful which means that our CNTT API Compliance test cases are good and that our Functest System Under Tests (SUTs) are compliant which RA1 Chapter 5 (API).

It also confirms that RA1 Chapter 5 is implemented and then correct.


Thanks to API descriptions recently added in CNTT, we can easily implement the compliance too via Functest.  

Compared to our classical containers verifying any OpenStack deployment, the new containers mostly override our classical test lists (e.g. forbidding skipping tests vs mandatory services/capabilities) and tune the test configurations.

The CNTT RI CI Jobs are ready too and will automatically execute this new testcases after the next successful deployment.


For the time being, I haven’t seen any metric regarding API benchmarking (Rally) or dataplane benchmarking (Shaker and Vmtp).

The default values are kept as they are but opnfv/functest-benchmarking-cntt is already in place for the next steps.


From my understanding, opnfv/functest-healthcheck and functest-vnf should be executed in the Compliance process as they are.

They leverage on the mainline API and it makes sense to get a quick feedback before testing deeply and to onboard and test the existing “real” VNFs here (IMS, EPC and vRouter).


Regarding the next CI/CD steps, it would more than helpful to leverage on Xtesting to wrap the RI deployment calls.

It will deeply simplify the cookbook by offering a new playbook in CNTT RI tree.


We can easily add any OPNFV testcase supporting the common testcase execution.

But I haven’t seen any key update in the related CNTT issues or new patchsets in OPNFV gerrit.


Be free to review API Chapter 5 and/or all testcases as proposed in opnfv/functest-smoke-cntt and opnfv/functest-benchmarking-cntt and to ask any additional details.

I can also propose a specific track in the next CNTT event in Prague.



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