specify who may initiate a termination review (TSC-13) #termination #lifecycle

David McBride


Currently the Termination Review section of the Project Lifecycle page is unclear about who may initiate a termination review.  So, I'd like to propose amending the Termination Review process with the following:

A termination review is initiated by the project PTL, unless the PTL is unresponsive to attempts to contact them, or if the project has not submitted an intent-to-participate notification for the two most recent releases.  In that case, a project contributor, a TSC member, or LF staff may initiate the termination review.  If the termination review is initiated by someone other than the PTL, then the PTL should be copied, using their last known good email address, when the termination review is posted to the mailing list.

We will discuss this in the next TSC meeting.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.


David McBride
Release Manager, OPNFV
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