JIRA TSC-2: Formalize OPNFV TAC Representation


TSC Members,


We discussed the need of formalizing OPNFV TAC representation this morning and in the past a few meetings. This is described in TSC-2.


What we practiced since January 1, 2018 when we moved to LFN was that OPNFV TSC Chair would represent OPNFV in LFN TAC. This practice is also in accordance with majority of other LFN TAC projects, e.g. ONAP and FD.io.


As described in TSC-2, this practice is not formalized because our OPNFV Charter just says that OPNFV must have a TAC representative, but doesn’t say how it is selected and what is the term of office. I was assigned to make it formalized.


Thus I propose that:

  • In order to make it simple, following our current practice and other projects’ practice, we can update our governance document to formalize that OPNFV TSC Chair would represent OPNFV in LFN TAC. The term of office is the same as the term of TSC Chair, i.e. a new TSC Chair will be the new TAC Representative.


Please let me know if you have any question.




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