Keystone identity v2 API support in OVP 2018.09

Georg Kunz

Dear TSC,


As agreed during yesterday’s TSC meeting, I’d like to continue the discussion about the change in scope of OVP 2018.09 on this mailing list.


Background: Support for Keystone’s v2 API is not available in Functest in Fraser anymore. As a result, systems under test by Functest and Dovetail/OVP must support Keystone’s v3 API. This is a deviation from the scope of OVP 2018.09 as approved by the TSC on 2018-07-03, which still included tests for the v2 API.


As this is a significant change in scope and the Keystone v2 API was removed from the next release of OVP without a deprecation period, I’d like to request approval of the modified scope as presented on the attached slide. The actual vote on this will take place during the next TSC meeting. In case of concerns and objections, please respond to this email.


Best regards


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