FW: [TAC-public] Action Items From Joint LFN Governing Board, TAC, and TSC Chairperson Meeting on 7/17/18

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FYI, the collected slides from all LFN projects (including ours) presented in last week’s LFN board meeting, and action points.


Note in particular the AP on backfilling for the OPNFV program manager position, please help spread the word. The ad is at https://jobs.lever.co/linuxfoundation.org/95e24016-4c7b-4bcd-94b9-133f13f65e4b


Regards, Tim


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Subject: [TAC-public] Action Items From Joint LFN Governing Board, TAC, and TSC Chairperson Meeting on 7/17/18


Hello LFN Governing Board, TAC Members, and TSC Chairpersons:


Thank you very much for participating in our first joint meeting this past Wednesday, July 17th, 2018, and a special thanks to the TAC and technical communities for providing such helpful insights into the status, challenges, and opportunities facing each of our projects in 2018.


The following action items, along with our plans to address each of them, were captured during the meeting:


AI-1: Arrange TAC and MAC meeting schedules so that they do not conflict with one another in the future.

Status:  DONE:  The schedules for the TAC and MAC meetings have been reviewed and no conflicts between those meetings currently exist.  Future meeting scheduling will be done to avoid a conflict if at all possible.


AI-2:  Fill opening for OPNFV Technical Program Manager role as soon as possible.

Status:  IN PROGRESS:  The job description for this position has been posted here [0]. We will begin interviewing for the role within the next 2 weeks.  If you know of someone that may be a good fit for this position, please reach out to them and ask that they consider applying.


AI-3:  Request that the current Events plan, along with the normal, and exception budgeting process be presented and discussed with each project TSC/Leadership Body.

Status:  IN PROGRESS:  Requests have been sent to each LFN project TSC for time in an upcoming meeting for this discussion.


AI-4:  From the discussion on the Community Oriented Budgeting Process recommendation, the LFN Audit & Finance committee volunteered to review and evaluate the recommendation and provide their findings to the Board during an upcoming meeting

Status:  IN PROGRESS:  An A&F committee meeting will be scheduled within the next 2 weeks to initiate this discussion.


AI-5:  A request was made to finalize the Kubecon event & budget plan, and execute that plan ASAP.

Status:  IN PROGRESS:  A meeting between all relevant project stakeholders is scheduled for tomorrow (7/20) to come to closure on this issue.  The final resolution will be communicated to all projects early next week.


AI-6:  Conduct a vote of the LFN Governing Board to approve the Project Induction and Lifecycle process that was presented at the meeting.

Status:  IN PROGRESS:  An email vote will be initiated for this approval before the end-of-day, Friday 7/20/18.


Please also find attached an updated version of the LFN Project Reviews slide deck that incorporates the latest information from the FD.io, OPNFV, and Tungsten Fabric teams. This information was presented at the meeting, but the final slides from these three projects arrived after the meeting materials had been sent out.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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