FW: LFN OPNFV Project Review at the July Governing Board Meeting

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FYI, we’re asked to provide a state of affairs update to the LFN Board meeting on July 18. I’m adding this to today’s agenda to have a look at the template and initiate discussions how to address this. Comments, suggestions welcome.


Regards, Tim


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Subject: LFN OPNFV Project Review at the July Governing Board Meeting


Hello Tim:


The LFN Governing Board is holding quarterly reviews with each project to improve direct visibility and discussion.  The first of these review meetings will be held on July 18th, 2018 from 6:30am to 8:00am PDT.  You should have already received an invitation to that meeting from me.


Please find attached a template slide deck to use for your discussion slot with the Governing Board.  It is broken into 4 sections:

1) Current State of the Project

2) Challenges

3) Opportunities

4) Other Topics The Project Leadership Would Like To Discuss


Given that we have 7 projects to discuss and 90 minutes in which to do it, there will be 10 minutes per project discussion, including questions.  Sorry for that tight timeline.  If we determine from this meeting that more time is needed, we'll adjust the scheduling for the next quarterly review.


We need to send this material out to the Governing Board on Friday, July 13th.  To prepare for that, I ask that you please have this slide deck completed and returned to me by the end of day Wednesday, July 11th so that we have time to review the slides and make any final preparations as they are incorporated into the Governing Board meeting materials.


Please let me know if you have any questions.






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