Updated plans for the OPNFV Lightening Round Talks

Raymond Paik <rpaik@...>

Lightening Round Talk Presenters:  

Chris, Frank, and Tom met earlier today and to organize the Lightening Round Talk topics on October 1st.  We now have talks organized in groups (e.g. integration, Open Stack, optimization, etc.) and rather than give ~5 minute slot to individuals, each group will have 30 minutes to present the proposals in a "panel" format.  Some groups like the Open Stack that have a lot of proposal are split into 2 groups.  Below is a guidance from Chris/Frank/Tom along with Lightening Talks-Agenda that is attached.

Here’s the format we’ll follow (also summarized in the first slide):

       Talks are arranged in groups. Individual members of a group are shown in the attached slide deck

       Each group has a 30 minute slot, including audience participation

       Groups present in “panel” style format – i.e. all participants of a group will be up on stage

       Sessions start with speakers introducing their topic (1 minute each) using 1 slide max. (Slide is OPTIONAL)

       The initial round of introductions is followed by an interactive discussion – panel members *and* entire audience.

       Whiteboard/paper chart for discussion aid

       Presenters who desire to use a single slide to introduce their topic should send the slide to Ray (rpsaik@...) before 10am on October 1st (there will be no time to switch laptops, share USB sticks etc.)

I realize that some of you may be traveling as I send this, but I encourage you to meet with other presenters in your group for a few minutes to streamline your talks.