Re: stepping down as PTL of Dovetail

Tim Irnich


thank you very much for your contribution and leadership. OVP wouldn't
be what it is without you, and I'm grateful to hear that you're staying
on the project.

I'd also like to thank and congratulate the Dovetail community on the
second release, big accomplishment!

Regards, Tim

On 10/9/18 8:08 PM, Georg Kunz wrote:
Dear Dovetailers,

Dear community,


I’d like to announce that I am stepping down as PTL of Dovetail. With
the release of OVP 2018.09 two weeks ago at ONS, a second release cycle
of Dovetail came to a conclusion and I’d like to give others the
opportunity to drive Dovetail through the next cycle. I strongly believe
that ensuring diversity in project leadership is important in order to
maintain a healthy community and to allow others to drive the project
further with fresh ideas.


In general, I’d like to follow the PTL election process outlined in the
Yardstick wiki [1]. Specifically, I’d like to open a (self-)nomination
period of one week, starting today, which is open for all Dovetail
committers [2]. Afterwards, there will be a voting phase of one week.


I will remain on the project as before, just not in the driver’s seat.





Best regards


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