Changes to JIRA permissions, and OPNFV LDAP groups

Aric Gardner


I would like to eliminate the per project group:

replacing it with a global group:

This action will be transparent to users.

This is part of an effort to automate creating a new LFN project.

Going forward we would like project creation to be done via a
specialized gerrit review that when submitted will create all the
resources need for a new LFN project. (gerrit repo, ldap group, JIRA,
mailing list tags, read the docs)

The changes to groups will effect JIRA only, as contributors can already +1 and
create patchsets for any OPNFV project.

Currently in JIRA submitters have the additional 'admin' permission
And otherwise, the jira permissions, listed below are the same for:
opnfv-$project-contributors and opnfv-$project-committers

Below is a summary of the changes I would like to implement.
I have added a short description of the permission for the less obvious ones.

Assignable User
Any opnfv-contributors

Assign Issues
Any opnfv-contributors

Close Issues
Any opnfv-contributors

Delete Issues
Only opnfv-$project-submitters

Move Issues
Ability to move issues between projects or between workflows of the
same project (if applicable). Note the user can only move issues to a
project he or she has the create permission for.
Any opnfv-contributors
-currently this only works if a user is a member of multiple
opnfv-contributors groups

Resolve Issues:
Ability to resolve and reopen issues. This includes the ability to set
a fix version.
Any opnfv-contributors

Schedule Issues
Ability to view or edit an issue's due date.
Any opnfv-contributors

Set Issue Security
Ability to set the level of security on an issue so that only people
in that security level can see the issue.
Any opnfv-contributors

Transition Issues
Ability to transition issues.
Any opnfv-contributors

Manage Watchers
Ability to manage the watchers of an issue.
Any opnfv-contributors

Edit All Comments
Ability to edit all comments made on issues.
Only opnfv-$project-submitters

Edit Own Comments
Ability to edit own comments made on issues.
Any opnfv-contributors

Edit All Worklogs
Ability to edit all worklogs made on issues.
Only opnfv-$project-submitters

Work On Issues
Ability to log work done against an issue. Only useful if Time
Tracking is turned on.
Any opnfv-contributors

Please provide any feedback that comes to mind I would like to present
this to the TSC.


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