[CNTT ]- Edge WS meeting - Meetings plan

Ahmed ElSawaf

Hello All


I hope you are doing good , I will cancel the next Edge meeting ( Tuesday 14th April ) due to holidays and to make sure that we have a good number to attend


Due to the Fact that our Virtual event will be the week after (Starting by 21st   April ) , so Our first meeting will be most probably on 29th April  



So we have a plenty of time to move thing  , so I will encourage you to have a log on below PR and modify / approve it


To priorities the activities , the below PR is first priorities to merge before virtual event ,


·         [Edge WS ] Executive Summary #1445 :https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1445

·         [Edge WS ] Objective #1446 : https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1446

·         [Edge WS ] Approach & Scope #1447 https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1447

·         [Edge WS ] Principles #1448 https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1448

·         [Edge WS ] Use Cases #1449 https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1449

·         [Edge WS ] Terminologies #1450 https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1450


For previous action point : it will be on parallel


·         Mark Shostak Tomas Fredberg advice to have a parallel work to start to define requirements template that we can use it to parse any use case, Mark Shostak Tomas Fredberg it will be great if you can take a stab in this with Ahmed El Sawaf


See you and stay safe




Ahmed El Sawaf





Ahmed El Sawaf


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